So, you haven’t had a professional massage? Unsure of what to expect so you just don’t try it? Boooo!

I think the main reasons why people don’t try a professional massage is because they are too embarrassed by their bodies, or some just feel creepy about having someone touch them, or just think it’s a waste the time and money. Take my word for it, getting a massage from someone that understands how to make your muscles relax and helps you distress is worth it! Just because it feels good doesn’t mean it’s not good for you.

Here are 5 tips that will help make the most of your FIRST professional massage:

Try not to chat during your massage! Just RELAX! If you have to warn your therapist that you have an ingrown toenail or that you don’t want anyone to touch your face, PLEASE tell her/him before you get on the table. It’s really common for first-timers to chat because they are nervous, or they feel like its impolite to just lay there and not socialize. You’ve earned some quiet time and you will benefit much more if you don’t chat.
Sometimes, though, the THERAPIST is too chatty. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when I get a massage. I personally don’t want to pay good money just so the therapist can have a trapped friend to socialize with for an hour! The way to nicely “warn” your therapist that you want to chill quietly (without hurting anyone’s feelings) is to say “Ahhhhh, finally ONE hour where no one is talking to me! I’m so looking forward to this.” Or “I’m so tired, I hope I sleep during my massage.” If they STILL ramble on, just do a fake snore. Or there is always the true-blue method of simply saying, “Please shut your pie hole during my massage, Ma’am.”

Guys, you don’t need to worry that you have a hairy back. It IS kind of fun, though, to make shapes and patterns with the lotion-packed hair, so it’s a “win-win” no matter what. Most of us therapist really don’t mind and are happy you came to see us! And gals, you don’t need to worry that you didn’t shave your legs. Women ALWAYS apologize for this, but it you have a hairy back please give us a warning.

NOOOOOObody is. Even professional models apologize for various “deformities”. I’ve seen MANY webbed toes, veiny legs, bald spots, potbellies, and deformed toenails and I honestly don’t even think about it. It’s all COMMON. We probably have seen more bodies that you will in a lifetime so take my word for it … you probably are very normal, and even if you aren’t our goal is to make you feel better, not to judge you.

It depends on the therapist. Ask them “Do I take EVERYTHING off?” We’ve been asked this question many times before, so no need to be embarrassed. Usually we will let you know ahead of time. When I worked at a spa one client of mine used the top sheet to make himself a knotted up “diaper” before I came back into the room. He was lying there with just him and his diaper. THAT was odd, and a little unnerving, so PLEASE don’t do that. Another client lay on TOP of the sheets with nothing on but a Speedo. Please, God PLEASE don’t do that either.

Some therapists are great at a relaxing Swedish massage but not at a deep therapeutic one, or visa versa. Some are good at both! Be aware of what you want and ask before you schedule with a specific therapist. You also might want the massage firm (or deep) on your back, but more relaxing treatments on the rest of your body. Tell them! They want to help you, but they won’t know unless you tell them!

Of course you can try getting a massage at home from your partner, but it’s nice to have a little help from a therapist first. I created the SPABALL Massage Kit for just that reason. The training DVD is the same information that I’ve been teaching my own private clients for years, and it’s a fantastic start. Keep me posted how it goes!

Heather is a licensed massage therapist in Thousand Oaks, CA. She developed a special Golf Ball Massage where a golf ball is used with her patented SPABALL for a deep-tissue therapeutic massage, as well as cross-fiber work, while protecting the therapist’s hands. Before her invention the golf ball couldn't be used for deep massage without hurting the therapist's hand. Now it's used in spas worldwide. She also authored an online 12-Hour CE Course for Golf Ball Massage for professional massage therapists. More Info:
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