OCHH is an end-of-life care home where final days are lived with dignity, love and respect. For some, their last moments will be spent alone, for others they have family but nobody who can provide continuous care. It is for these people that OCHH exists.

We all have known of an older couple (parents/grandparents) with one spouse very ill and dying and the other cannot provide the care needed. Hiring an at-home 24-hr caregiver is unaffordable, and people usually want to die at home, not hospitals or skilled nursing facilities.  Where do they go? Anyone who cannot secure care to stay in their home and is in their last weeks of life, is welcome at OCHH.

Spreading throughout the state and nation…

OCHH serves as a mentor to other non-profit organizations desiring to open a similar home in their local community. Currently there are 24 homes in the entire nation. In California there are only four: Torrance, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. OCHH serves on the Board for the national Omega Home Network, dedicated to fostering the growth of end-of-life care homes throughout the United States. Hundreds of such homes are needed in the Country.  Insurance systems do not fund such services, those requiring non-profit organizations to fill the gap.


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