Learn to Massage Your Partner at Home

Nothing can replace a great massage from your favorite massage therapist but you may not have the time to make it to the spa. You will be learning from Heather Karr Johnson, CMT, tricks and techniques that she uses with her own private clients, as well as valuable techniques for self-massage.

You will also learn …

  • how to give a relaxing therapeutic massage.
  • how to set up your bed at home for comfortable and effective massages.
  • how to use the SPABALL Massager to apply more pressure in tight muscles with less effort.
  • benefits of cooperative massage from psychologist Christopher Burr, PhD.
  • tricks that massage therapists use to relieve stubborn muscle knots through “Trigger Points.”
  • how to give a massage without hurting your back.
  • tips that will put your partner in a SUPER-relaxed state.
  • self-massage tips that help with the most commonly complained-about muscle issues!

SPABALL can also be used with 40-42mm quartz crystal or Jade spheres.

Add lotion or oil for a SMOOOOTH rolling feeling!

Trigger points and muscle spasms are a constant source of pain.  I recommend the SPABALL to my patients as an effective home strategy to alleviate trigger points, break down muscle adhesions, and restore proper function.

Dr. Tom Hibbard, DC, Limitless Health Chiropractic, CA

SPAball Massager

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Penetrate muscles with little effort. Same tool used by pros worldwide! Includes: SPABALL, Golf Ball, Massage Techniques & Trigger Point…

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